Friday, July 9, 2010

:: My WiFe ::

I Love U Just The Way U R ,, I Love U No Matter What U R ..

Whatever Happened ,, Whatever Will Happen It's U ,, U R My Sweet Heart ..

My Wife U R My Sweet Heart ..

U Belong To Me ,, So I Don't Fear Any Blamer Who Cares Only About Loathing Me ,, The Time Had Allow Us To Be Joined For Eternity ..

U Irrigated The Love In My Heart By Saying All The Right Things And Being All The Right Things ..

The Happiness Is Gone When Ur Gone ,, And The Life Is Clear When Ur Around ,, My Whole Day Is
Drudge Until The Moment I Come Back To Home ..

I Meet U And My Agony Will Be Washed Up When U Speak ..

I Just Hate Life When U Complain About It ,, So I Do My Best To Get U Whatever U Want ..

U R My Beatitude ,, So Please Enjoy The Warmth Of Love As Long As U Live .. Our Souls Have Been Joined Like Soil And Grass ..

Oh My Hope ,, And My Peace .. Oh My Joy ,, And My Soul .. Life Is Heaven No Matter How Difficult It Gets As Long As Ur Contented ..


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