Friday, May 15, 2009

:: Tagged by sis muni ::

Setelah sekian lama akak cik puteri suh jawab tag nie, hari nie baru cik puteri dapat tunaikan...ok, this is my turn..

1. snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet.
So, what's inside ?

urm, apa yang ada lm wallet?..of course duit..kad bank(kalu idak, camne nak berbelanja..)kad insuran, kad kredit (opppsss..hutang??),lesen, ic, kad membership such as mph,enrich,realrewards,padini,jusco,saloons,and also business card( ada la 2 3 yang berkenaan..)and last but not least, gambar2 yang tersayang termasukla gbr cik puteri sendiri..kuikuikui

2. introduce your wallet brand, price and where you bought it.

Wallet brand: MONT BLANC (xori punn) janji bole simpan duit..
Price: RM30 (murah je)
Where you bought: Tapak jualan kat bangunan JAKIM, parcel D..(dekat jer).

3. take out whatever inside your wallet

4. Snap a picture with your wallet with your self.

haaa..yang ni sesaje je nak enterframe...tak maksud tersirat atau tersurat..sesaje je nak letak..hehehe
5. Tagged another person

1. Cik Z
2. Mimie
3. Ujie
4. Sue


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Cnidaria said...

oi sapa plak dok publish ads lam page hg nih..

Cahaya said...

mak aiii komen ke iklan ni..kena bayar komisen ni..hehe

cik puteri said...

mampus aku tak tau la plak saper wujing nie....ambik kesempatan lak kat blog i yang nak marah nie..eeeeiii!!!

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